After 20+ years of volunteering, it was time for me to move on…

I got involved with the Clear Lake All Veterans Memorial website because the memorial was near and dear to my father, Victor Pittman, a dedicated supporter of the memorial. My father, my mother and I have our names on the memorial. The memorial was also near and dear to my cousins/godparents Doug & Dellie Kruger. Doug was a veteran, and they both served as board members for the memorial.

Victor Pittman

My father passed away on Easter Sunday, 1998. I eventually jumped in to help the memorial maintain a web presence out of respect for my father who never lived to see the memorial completed.

Doug Kruger

My cousin/Godfather, Doug Kruger, passed away in July, 2022, preceded in death by his wife, Dellie, leaving a portion of his/their estate to the memorial.

I’ve voluntarily rebuilt the Clear Lake Veterans Memorial website several times over the years. In 2008 I registered a domain for them to use because back then many didn’t know how to do this.

With my dad, Doug and Dellie gone, I let the Clear Lake Veterans Memorial know I was quitting, effective October, 2022. Despite the fact that I have a brick at the memorial representing my connective ties, it is time I move on. They finally had someone take over the domain and build a new website, so I’m free of it.

I started my own personal, patriotic website to share my own reflections regarding patriotism here at:

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